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Cycle Insurance

At ONE PRO Insurance Solutions, we understand that one product does not fit all. That’s why we offer something a bit different: mix and match cover. Pick from any of our covers without needing to purchase Bike + Accessories as standard

Our cover options include:

  • Personal Accident cover up to £50,000
  • Bike + Accessories cover on a new for old or market value basis, for up to five bikes per policy
  • Public Liability cover up to £2m - covering time trials, racing, and more
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Mix & Match Your Cover

Bike + Accessories Cover

Bike + Accessories Cover

Annual worldwide cover for up to five bikes, plus your accessories for:

  • Theft or attempted theft of your bike providing it was secured through the frame to an immovable object using an approved lock
  • Accidental damage to your bike (excludes general wear and tear)
  • A contribution towards the hire of a replacement bike in the event of theft or accidental damage
  • Includes riding in events and competitions, including when left in a secure area during a competition
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Public Liability Cover

Public Liability Cover

Our public liability option includes rider to rider and public liability cover

This covers accidental bodily injury to any other person, or accidental damage to someone else's property, while you're riding your bike

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Legal Expenses Cover

Legal Expenses Cover

Legal protection cover for cycle related claims such as uninsured losses, personal injury claims and pothole damage

You can contact our Legal Advice Helpline to obtain advice and guidance on legal matters 24/7, 365 days a year

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Rescue Cover

Rescue Cover

Rescue cover will assist you with a recovery vehicle pickup if an accident or breakdown leaves you stranded unless you're within a mile from your home address

Our rescue cover is provided by Call Assist, the UK's largest independent breakdown provider

Call Assist provides a 24-hour, 365 days a year, service through a network of recovery operators in the UK and Europe

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Personal Accident Cover

Personal Accident Cover

Three optional levels of personal accident cover if you suffer bodily injury as a result of an accident.

Please see the full table of benefits in your policy wording for more information

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Cycle Insurance FAQs

Find out more about bicycle insurance from ONE PRO Insurance Solutions

I'm an amateur or professional cyclist and enter events - do you cover these?

We can offer event fee and expenses to cover up to £500 towards event fees if you are no longer able to take part due to unexpected circumstances that are entirely beyond your control.

How do I value my bike?

If your bike is less than three years old, it will be insured new for old (you'll get a brand new replacement), so you can refer to its recommended retail price. If it's older, we recommend that you find out how much a similar bicycle of the same age would cost, as this will be insured on a market value basis.

Why would I need Public Liability cover?

If you're cycling around other people and their property, public liability cover can bring great peace of mind as it will protect you against expenses if you accidentally injure or damage another person or their property.

This can be particularly reassuring if you're taking part in activities involving lots of people and expensive equipment, such as time trials or cycling race events. Our public liability offering covers these types of events, while many other insurance policies can't.

What is Legal Expenses cover?

Our Legal Expenses insurance option includes up to £50,000 to cover legal costs for cycle-related incidents, whether they inflict damage to you or to someone else.

Find out more about our legal expenses cover option.

What is Personal Accident cover?

Personal Accident cover is designed to pay out compensation if you suffer from an injury or death. In the case of this policy, either must be as the result of a cycling-related accident.

Build Your Cover

Bike & Accessories

Public Liability

Legal Expenses

Personal Accident

Rescue Cover

With our Bike + Accessories product, you have the option to tailor your cover to suit your needs, whether you are insuring one bike or five, with up to £25,000 cover. Alongside that we also offer packages to protect you as a rider.